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Boris Mikhailov - Case History.

Two views on Winogrand

"Winogrand gets one aspect of the sixties better than any other photographer: the visible divide of contempt of one half of America for another half. Nowadays, visual evidence of one’s political persuasion is blurred, almost gone. Fox News guests sport goatees, and the hosts talk to Ted Nugent. In Winogrand’s world you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the political wind blows. Construction workers bellow at long-haired protesters; everyone peers with hatred at youth. A telling picture from 1969 pictures what looks like a family of out-of-towners dumbstruck at the hippies in Central Park. The world opens in the divide between them—a divide that turns cosmic in the ’70s pictures. Everyone turns into his or her own fun-loving or cloistered cathedral. (…)

Many also claim that these late pictures show a falling-off. I disagree. They, too, follow America in these years: the way places went from being concentrated to being bland, full of burnouts and lost souls riding on packed airplanes. These late pictures complete Winogrand’s atlas of America, his cosmology of the inner life of a country turning inside out, twisting into half-beast, turning back, creating nests of new beings.
Something we’ve been missing also becomes evident here. The whole world is now filled with incredible images—especially on Instagram and other social networks—that owe something to Winogrand’s, documenting life, change, and all the rest. Yet the art world and museums are not.”

— Jerry SaltzPhotographer Garry Winogrand Captured America As It Split Wide Open" in Vulture, (August 2014)

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Tierney Gearon
Burk Uzzle - American History.
Mark Steinmetz - South Central.


Masahisa Fukase The Solitude of Ravens (1991), via Le BAL Books.

Mark Steinmetz - South Central.


S U N ( D A E ) D A Y - S U B M I S S I O N S 

This Sunday we feature the work of London based photographer Will SandersTo see more of Will’s work you can visit his website here

"Most of these photos were taken along the Pan American HIghway in Peru during the South American summer. The billboards are put up in early Dec along the route to the south beaches as this route is extremely busy during the summer months. It always seems strange to me to see these colourful adverts in such a desolate setting, kind of like advertising on the moon and I always looked forward to seeing them each year.  One year there weren’t as many and I was told it was because there had been so many accidents due to people being distracted that they had to be taken down".

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1956- Gordon Parks documented the everyday lives of an extended black family living in rural Alabama under Jim Crow segregation for Life magazine’s photo-essay “The Restraints: Open and Hidden.”