Jack Harries

Guilty of repetition? yes. But for all of the new followers landing here, please go and make friends with my other blog The Heavy Collectivewe got you on photography. 

John Divola - Zuma Series, 1977.
Stephen Shames - Outside the Dream: Ralph jumps.

james ulmer
Jeff Brouws - #4, October 21, 1995 Needles, California.
P A P E R T R A I L - S Y D N E Y - 2 0 1 4Papertrail, the seasonal small press huddle presented by Hard Workers Club & Smalltime Books, is setting up for one day only at Paramount House on Saturday the 19th April, 10am - 4pm. Co-presented with Sydney’s own The Heavy Collective and The Thousands Sydney, titles from Australia’s finest independent publishers, stockists & distros will be available for keeps. Featuring stallholders, Pambook, Gang Atelier, Rainoff, Perimeter Books, Doingbird, The Blackmail, Left Out Store, Smalltime Books, Heavy Time, Making Ends, The Heavy Collective and Hard workers Club. Once we’re done with the paper jams, we’re heading downstairs to Golden Age bar for record spins & drinks from 6pm. Free Entry, The Paramount 53-55 Brisbane St Surry Hills 2010.

themetropolitanline:Flamingoes take refuge in a bathroom at Miami-Metro Zoo, 1999 as tropical-storm force winds from Hurricane Floyd approaches.




What part of the planet would you like to explore? 
New York or Iraq. What is it that interests you about photography? It makes me smile. If your photographs could talk, what would most of them say? Seriously? What is the most complicated meal you can think of? Crab. In a movie about your life which actor would play you? Tony Jaa. Ultimate Camera? Fuji X-Pro1Most Used Camera? Fuji X10Name one smell that triggers an abstract memory. After the rain fell. Make a prediction for a world without alcohol. People drinks Cola and still drunk. Who would you most like to see embarrass themselves Anyone who abused and laughed on me. 

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Bruce Wrighton, Parking Attendant, 1987
Joe Deal - Backyard, Yorba Linda, California, 1984