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Film News: JCH Exclusive – Cinestill 120 is coming!

Boom! It has been a hell of a week for film news. Firstly we had the CineStill bwXX exclusive on JCH, which sold out in under 24 hours! And then the announcement from Leica of a new film camera. And now, the news you have all been waiting for…120 800T film from CineStill. But they need our help. Check it out.

You all know that I am not a huge fan of kickstarter, but sometimes it is used properly. And this is one of those times…Bringing a new film on to the market. CineStill made us all very happy when they released the 135 format 800T tungsten film. It is an awesome film, but many people kept on saying that they want it in 120 format. Well, CineStill listened and now they are going to make it! That is right, 120 format high speed tungsten film! Praise be!

More new shit, less film types on death row, that’s the picket - Support this. 

Kickstarter here.


Bas Princen, ‘Cooling Plant, Dubai’, 2009

Kishin Shinoyama, Tadanori Yokoo as Kamikaze Pilot, 1970s.

Unknown Photographer, Demolition of a building - Kösliner Strasse, Berlin, (1961)

Masahisa Fukase, The Solitude of Ravens.

Daido Moriyama: “FAREWELL PHOTOGRAPHY” (1972)

REVIEW: Daido Moriyama – “Labryinth” (2012)

By Owen Campbell for ASX, February 2014

Life, in Daido Moriyama’s Labyrinth, is a succession of small, dark, dirty spaces that lead nowhere but to each other. There are patterns apparent to those willing to stay inside long enough but they fall short of recursion; they will not lead you out of the Labyrinth or onto a higher or lower plane. Lacking a single order, a Labyrinth remains open to multiple interpretations yet accords none of them validation. Unlike the abyss, you can stare into to the Labyrinth for however long but the Labyrinth will never stare back. The single, dominating essence of Labyrinth, Moriyama’s refusal to help you make sense of things.

Moriyama created Labyrinth (Aperture 2012) by rearranging/ remixing negatives from multiple decades to create new, original images. The result is 300 pages containing thousands of snapshots of black and white contact sheets, presented with only three brief paragraphs of context, that wordlessly binds images originally separated by space and time (as any collection of photography will do, to an extent), and also allies and juxtaposes sequences and themes that have evidently been occupying Moriyama for years.

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Amy Stein - Domesticated. 
Josef Koudelka.

Maasvlakte by Bart van Damme on Flickr.
Via Flickr: Rotterdam, the Netherlands.facebook | website | maasvlakte book 2014 | portfolio book © 2014 Bart van Damme Visiting EMO [Europees Massagoed Overslagbedrijf] open day, one of the largest transhipment terminals for coal and iron ore in the world.